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Project Description
UnifiedASP is a web-application framework for ASP.Net 2. 0 that we use internally at The Data Pros. Training our new-hires on this framework usually doubles their productivity in the first 30 days. Its flexible, fast, and does not use MVC.

Extensive documentation, video tutorials, examples, and our weblog are available on the companion site

What It Contains
  • Data-access layer pattern/base class that simplifies interacting with a SQL 2005 database
  • Extended GridView control with simplified support for sorting, paging, and CSS Styling
  • Extended TextBox control with built in validation. No more TextBoxes and Validators
  • Base classes for Pages that expose session, permissions, user tracking
  • Simple User Authentication and Authorization modules. Requirements vary a lot in our apps so these are simple but the foundation we build upon.

  • We're soft-launching this to colleagues to get their feedback. We would welcome your feedback as well on any issues you find.
  • This first release is in VB.Net
  • A C# version will be released in April or May '09.

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